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The Botanika complex is a multifunctional complex located in Horní Bezděkov near Unhošť in the Central Bohemian Region. It is the gateway to the environment of Křivoklát forests and nature, which creates the best conditions for tourist and sports activities.

What have we prepared for you?

We have built a pleasant background for cyclists in the form of an outdoor covered rest area equipped with a table, desk, multifunction stand and information panels. We also built an open landing with tables and benches in the middle of the complex. Covered landing in the style of a wooden house is right at the entrance to the area and you can not miss it.

The newly built modern building has created sanitary facilities with showers and wheelchair accessible toilets, ladies' and men's dressing rooms with wardrobes and multifunction stands, storage and bike rental. Everything is located on the first floor of the hotel building near the landing with access from the parking lot.

For better orientation in the Botanika area​​ and its surroundings we created information boards and signs that can be found throughout the area.

You can leave your car in the Botanika parking lot and go by bike or on foot.

We have expanded our offer of refreshments and restaurant facilities so that we are able to respond to the increased growth of cyclists.

The reception staff will be pleased to provide you with any information about the services provided.

Surroundings area of the Botanika complex

The Botanika complex​​ is a gateway to nature and the Křivoklát region. The National Nature Reserve Vůznice is only a stone's throw away from compound and the rest is on foot. This means 10 km across Bratronice and Běleč, then left and after a while you are at the ruins of the medieval castle Jenčova. It is also the only tourist-accessible place of the previously listed nature reserve. Nearby is a beautiful reservoir Klíčava, which supplies drinking water to Kladno and so it is not allowed to swim the reservoir, but it is definitely worth the trip. Throughout the landscape around Bezděková we can find countless protected natural species of plants and animals, which are found here in pure nature. A number of structural greens, spinneys, alleys and magnificent trees, together with the fragmented protrusions, create a varied mosaic of habitats. It is a natural landscape, without the disturbing remains of human activity. The natural standards of the landscape have been preserved, as has its harmony. Most of the horizons are decorated by trees. The only exception is the north-east direction, which opens up a wide perspective of the agricultural landscape to Unhošť.

Tips for trip

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