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The Golf Club Botanika in Horní Bezděkov has been a part of the Botanika Complex since 2005. The proximity of the capital (Prague about 25 km) makes the Area an easily accessible oasis of sport and relaxation in the middle of picturesque Křivoklát forests.

In addition to the twelve-hole course (PAR 47), there are tennis court, beach volleyball court, renowned restaurant focused on Czech cuisine complemented by international cuisine, accommodation, hotel spa, swimming pool, sauna and other accompanying services (horse riding, cycling, children's corner, mini zoo, etc.). Of course there is also a golf clubhouse and pro-shop.

Application to the club By-laws of the club

Club membership

Regular Membership - Entry Fees 2019

Entry fees:

Adults 10 000 CZ

Juniors under 18 years- free

Family membership 30 000 CZK

Seniors over 60 years 10 000 CZK (Players with HCP under 18 free entry!)

Annual Full Membership Fees for 2019:

Adults  8 700 CZK*

Juniors under 18 years 5 450 CZK*

Seniors    5 450 CZK*

Maintenance fees 2019:

Adults 3 000 CZK - includes (3x green fee for 12 holes and 1x golf car rental for 12 holes)

Seniors and Juniors up to 18 years old 2500 CZK - includes (3x green fee for 12 holes and 1x golf cars for 12 holes)

Children 0-10 years 300 CZK

After the age of 18, the entry fee will be paid according to the transformation rules. The transformation order has a motivational character. If a player has a HCP of 0-10, he or she will receive the membership automatically without a surcharge. If he has HCP

10-20, will pay the amount of 4 000 CZK

20-36, will pay the amount of 8 000 CZK

36-54, will pay the amount of 10 000 CZK

One-time playing card for 2019:

Yearly 10 200 CZK, Monthly  3 200 CZK

Payment deadline:

The annual contribution shall always be valid for one calendar year. Students must submit a certificate of study each year.

Until January 31, 2019, we ask all members to pay the annual playing fee (if the fee is not paid by this date, it will be blocked on the CGF server - see CGF Statutes)

If you are paying for more than one family member, please enter the payments individually for each family member, always indicate their CGF registration number. This will greatly help us identify payments correctly.

Payment of the maintenance fee is preceded by a written application (see Articles 8, 8.1 and 8.2 of GK Botanika's Articles of Association).

Reception cards will be issued to members with duly paid fees from March 15th.

Bank account number: 177710673/0600

The variable symbol consists of: the registration number of your membership card GK Botanika, which was issued for each member by the Czech Golf Federation.

Annual SMART registration for 2019 for 3 000 CZK

What does SMART registration contain?

Registration in Golf Club Botanika

Registration in ČGF

40% discount on driving balls (plus free entry to driving range)

10% discount on green fees on the course

10% discount at all Vyšehrad 2000 Group gastronomic facilities including golf restaurant.

How to become a SMART member?

Fill out the SMART registration form, which you can pick up at the club reception or download it from our website. If you have previously registered SMART, you do not have to re-apply

Submit your application at the club reception or send an e-mail to martin.peterka@vysehrad2000.cz .

Pay an annual contribution of CZK 3,000 at the club reception (cannot be paid by credit card) or to the club's account.

Once your application is registered and your contribution is paid, your registration will become valid. Within 2 - 3 weeks, a CGF membership card and a certificate of your membership in GK Botanika will be prepared for collection at the club reception

Registration is always valid only for the calendar year (ie until December of the given year).

Who is SMART registration suitable for?

You are starting with golf.

You play golf occasionally and irregularly and still want to lower your HCP.

You only want to try Golf, but you don't know if you stay with it.

You do not intend or cannot spend more on your golf club membership.

You play everywhere else and you only want to train from time to time.

SMART registration is not transferable

Important warning:

Golf Certificate (Green Card) - GK Botanika only recognizes this certificate from fully qualified professionals.

Thank you, we will contact you as soon as possible.