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Course Location

AREÁL BOTANIKA is located in the middle of Křivoklat forests and provides its clients with maximum comfort in combination with excellent sport premises

It is a distinctive training and leisure area suitable for begginers as well as players who just want to unwind after a long day of work and stay close to Prague. From the city centre of Prague the distance is around 30 kilometres and you can use highway connection.

12 hole golf course has PAR 47, stretches  6 118 metres of white, 5652 metres of yellow, 5 253 metres of blue and 4 948 metres of red.

The golf course was molded by nature and is easy to remember. The highlights consist of a nice three-par on the second hole, the place around the green, as well as a nice corner of the three-par seven, again with a pond. The course has a natural and pleasant impression, it can be played relatively quickly, the whole course will take you two hours to finish… Of course there are quality training areas, open all year round and partially covered driving range, 2 training putting greens plus a chipping area with green.

Beginners as well as advanced players with the ambition to improve their hcp can use the services of the Golf Academy

Score card

Local rules

1. Field boundaries (Rule 27):

  • The boundaries of the playground are defined by fences and white pegs.

2. Water Boundaries (Rule 26):

  • Transverse water is marked with yellow pins. Longitudinal water is marked with red pins or fences.

3. Immovable defects (Rule 24-2):

  • all parts of the drainage and irrigation system
  • Information boards, benches, waste bins, ball washers, tee stones, el. management, pens, fences
  • protruding stones on low-cut areas
  • newly planted trees (up to 2 m)
  • roads for golf cars and playground maintenance
  • burk mulch
  • tees and holes for footgolf

4. Movable defects (Rule 24-1):

  • stones in bunkers
  • pins indicating the distance to the edge of the green
  • pins indicating water hazards and soil under repair.

5. Land under repair (Rule 25):

  • places marked with blue pins or lines
  • mark trails made by maintenance machine.

6. Drop zone

  • if it is known or practically certain that the ball, the player may proceed according to rule 26, or, as an alternative with a penalty of one shot, drop the ball in the drop zone.

7. Sandy Wastes

  • Sand surface on hole No. 2,11,17- is no obstacle, the ball is played as it lies. It is allowed to put a stick behind the ball.

8. Hitting electrical lines (Rule 20-5):

  • If the ball hits the electrical wires the shot is cancelled and the player must play from the place closest to where the original ball was last played.

9. Strict ban on playing with "RANGE" balls!

Violation of local rules: 2 strokes in stroke play, one hole loss in hole play.


In the case of a passing vehicle on the local road at hole 1, there is a strict ban on play

Course rules and driving range

  • All reservations and cancellations (tee time) - phone number +420 604 938 525, e-mail: areal.botanika@vysehrad2000.cz or in person at the club reception. Before the start of the game, all players (member and non-member) are obliged to check in at the reception desk and collect the game confirmation (proof of playing time allocation and payment of the green fee).
  • The Royal & Ancient and Czech Golf Federation rules apply throughout the golf course.
  • If it is not a canon start tournament, it is always necessary to start the game at the specified time on tee no.1. and tees corresponding to the player's HCP.
  • All players must have an official handicap. Those players who cannot prove their handicap will not be allowed to play. A player who has not yet passed the golf qualification exam and is preparing for it may only go to the court if accompanied by a teammate with an HCP less than 36.
  • All players must wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Forbidden are blue jeans and a game without a T-shirt or in undershirt or barefoot.
  • A maximum of four players can play in one flight.
  • It is forbidden to enter the golf course with baby carriages.
  • The Marshall is obliged to strictly enforce the rules and all players are obliged to pay attention to the marshals of the course and follow their instructions. The Marshal of the Club carries a Marshal's card for identification. In the case of marshal control, the player playing on the court must be able to prove the score-card with the stated starting time (checking the pace of the game), or proof of payment of the green-fee.
  • Golf rules and etiquette always apply. According to the rules of etiquette, any group that does not proceed at the appropriate speed must clear the way for those players behind that group as soon as possible. The game should proceed without delay to the benefit of all.
  • Golf carts, both electric and manual, as well as other carts, should only be used in those areas of the golf course that are marked for them. Only players are allowed to enter the green, and stay close to the green and the tee.
  • No training swing on the tee
  • Game pace - time limit for playing 9 holes is 2 hours.
  • If there is a repeated pace violation or unacceptable delay, the player may be penalized, expelled from the hole / court or be disqualified (Rule 6-7) without claiming a refund.
  • Playground - distance pins (200 m - white, 150 m - yellow, 100 m - red) located on the edge of the board and their distance is measured at the beginning of the green.
  • Each player is obliged to pick the traces of the impact of the ball on the greens, returning the turf after teeing.
  • Do not discard cigarette butts. Do not practice swings on tees.
  • After playing from the bunker, adjust the tracks with rakes.
  • Strict prohibition of playing with training balls under penalty of exclusion from the game and prohibiting entry to the court
  • Motor carts - carts may only be driven by players over 18 years old. Do not drive less than 10 meters away from each tee or greens when there is no motorway path near the tee or green. A maximum of two persons are allowed on a cart and only the gear of the two persons can be carried.

Failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in the player being immediately expelled from the court without a refund of the green fee, punishable by a ban on playing on the court, or the use of training grounds for a definite period, respectively - permanently if he has committed a violation repeatedly or in a particularly gross manner.

Operating rules of the Golf Club Botanika driving range

  • The driving range is a training area designed for practicing golf.
  • Other training areas are a practice green and a space for training a short game (chip & pitch).
  • When staying in and around all practice areas, the visitor is obliged to follow the general principles of golf etiquette and golf rules, and behave in the same way as when playing on the course.
  • Visitors are obliged to do everything possible to ensure maximum safety of their and other visitors.
  • Visitors are obliged to take into consideration other players, they must refrain from loud calls and phone calls in the tee area.
  • Take care to make a safe swing.
  • Play exclusively within the driving range area.
  • Follow the instructions of the coaches of the academy and other responsible persons.
  • Maintain order on the practice green.
  • On practice grounds and in the area to practice a short game (chip & pitch), carry out practice shots and putting exclusively with their own balls.

The following is prohibited on the driving range
and other training areas:

  • Enter under the influence of alcohol and other addictive substances.
  • When playing off the lawn, tee off the boundary. In the driving range, outside the training mats, it is only possible to play in the designated areas.
  • Collect balls already played for re-launching.
  • Play on the putting green on borrowed balls – so called “driving range balls.”
  • Enter the playing area - cross the launch line. It is strictly forbidden to enter the impact area of ​​the driving range.
  • Move or damage the driving range equipment and other training areas in any way.
  • Take away borrowed golf equipment outside the driving range.
  • Take away borrowed balls outside the driving range.

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