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Hotel Botanika (25 people + 5 extra beds)

All rooms are equipped with a minibar and satellite TV. Wireless internet is available on site. (Free wi-fi)

Breakfast is served either in the stylish restaurant or (in the summer months) on the outdoor terrace.

Room n.1A
2 beds (single)

Room No. 2A
2 beds (single)

Room No. 3A
2 beds (single)

Room No. 4A
2 beds (single) + 1 extra bed

Room No. 5B
2 beds (single)

Room No. 6B
2 beds (single)

Room No. 7B
2 beds (single)

Room No. 8B
2 beds (double bed)

Room No. 9B
3 beds (single) + 2 extra bed (double bed)

Room No. 10B
1 bed (single)

Room No. 11B
1 bed (single)

Room No. 12C
2 beds (double bed) + 1 extra bed

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